Inspired by the austerity of Mediterranean design, we created a warm artisanal interior that aligns with Amaru’s culinary vision “to evoke the senses and challenge the imagination”. The comfortable and relaxed restaurant design meshes well with former Vue du Monde sous chef Clinton McIver’s wish to make diners feel that they are being welcomed into his living room.


The intimate and elegant interior of this degustation destination combines presence and purpose, offering a simple canvas that allows the food to take centre stage.

With its emphasis on intimacy, we wanted to make the 34-seater dining room cozy and earthy. Ochre felt curtains soften the original copper-framed windows and doors; subdued ambient lighting creates an enchanting light play with the bevel-edged mirror on hand-finished concrete walls.


Repurposing also finds a seat in this unique dining space, with shelves, bar and waiter stations crafted from reclaimed timber, sourced from a Melbourne brick factory that burnt down.

We collaborated with the client on several customised features, including the 16-metre sisal rug and an oval shaped LED-ceiling feature to create the very best in hospitality design.

From the comfort of their Italian-made Bellevue chairs and bespoke blonde wood tables (by Ross Didier) most diners can enjoy a direct view into the corner kitchen. The elevated chef’s table offers prime position, with front row seats into the culinary theatre of the open kitchen. Here guests enjoy a 14-course sensory degustation menu served on Ross Didier’s solid oak dining table.

Completed whilst director at Meme.