Willow Urban Retreat

Combining sanctuary and self-care, Willow Urban Retreat’s interior of soft tones, textures, natural light and seamless curves provide a welcome retreat from the cityscape. Through this project we highlighted how holistic wellness design and architecture can actively influence our experience of well being and restoration.

Housed behind a two-storey Victorian building in Armadale, this tranquil space includes a wholefood café, a movement and meditation studio, a day spa and a tea lounge.

Our re-imagining of this unique wellness space is truly integrative, combining the elements of water, earth, metal and wood, together with low-toxicity ethically sourced building materials. The end result is a building that exudes wellness and clean living from every pore.

We also drew on innovative technologies to create ambient sensory conditions, by maintaining ideal purified air quality, temperature, sound and light levels to soothe the senses and promote tranquillity, balance and health. The Movement room floor is sprung to actively support back and legs when participating in dance and rebound classes.

A central courtyard and the introduction of archways, cylindrical walkways and skylights create a sense of spaciousness, light and an ongoing conversation between the different areas.

Arches are used, both in homage to the building’s heritage, and as a way to connect the café and spa. The space’s soft seamless curves encourage circulation and flow throughout the multi functional building.

The tones and materials of Willow are soft and natural primarily consisting of stone, jade green onyx, hand applied cement render and bespoke pigmented hand-poured cement bar and stools made by local artisan Maddie Sharrock.

We also collaborated with Christopher Boots on a crystal feature light pendant in the Tea Room. The finishes of Willow are intentionally subtle, enduring and minimal to maintain the balance of a healthy wellness design build, that is adaptable and durable.

Completed whilst director of Meme.