Warwick Creative Studio




Warwick is one of the world’s leading fabric and textile wholesalers, with its creative studio based locally in Collingwood. This family owned Australian company engaged us to create a purpose-built studio to inspire its creative team to excel and innovate. Our aim was to create a synergy between the design team and the physical environment they work in. This award winning project published in Artichoke June 2020,

The sleek interior is designed as a blank canvas to highlight and help curate the colours and textures of Warwick’s textiles, while maximising order and organisation. We created a light-filled, pristine lab-like space that is complemented by Stylecraft’s workstations and chairs.

Customised floor-to-ceiling cabinetry not only provides ample storage, it also offers acoustic insulation, with pin-boarded doors that double as canvases for pin-ups.

A grid of six sculptural light wells intersect with an aerial network of led strip lighting, flooding the space and working surfaces with natural light. Strategically placed, these skylights create dynamic solar spotlights, sampling and capturing light and shade as it shifts throughout the day.