Urban Attitude Design

The shop at Highpoint in Melbourne was the first retail design concept store for award-winning retail brand Urban Attitude, with stores to follow in Acland St, St Kilda & Chapel St, South Yarra.

For this giftware retail design we wanted to emulate the award-winning immersive brand experience that Fabio Ongarato achieved, creating a cohesive design narrative that fosters long-term brand engagement.

Brimming with personality, Urban Attitude is known for its quirky, young-at-heart products.  Our design brief was to create a store design that was functional, fun and distinct from the Urban Attitude brand.

Our approach was to create a playful space that takes its design cues from a typical storage warehouse. Framed in raw steel, the shop front stands out architecturally, enticing passers-by with uninterrupted views of the cool and colourful gifts, books and homewares inside. Durable proprietary shelving is softened with white pegboard mesh screens that make the colourful retail displays pop.


The goal of this project was to create an approachable, spatially aware, cohesive design narrative. Visual merchandising displays are deliberately restrained by set margins, vertical and horizontal lines. The end result offers customers a unique retail experience that transports them out of the everyday and into a playful space of fun and wonder. Each display showcases products in their best light, creating an enjoyable and engaging experience for customers without overwhelming them.

Designed whilst director at Meme.